Practical Songs For Everyday Use

by The Wiggly Tendrils

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joanigee Somehow, showering has always seemed lika a chore but with this song in my head it will be a morning blessing of my body and it's strengths for tackling the day :) Favorite track: Song For Showering.
Steph K
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Steph K I first heard "Song for Doing Your Job" in the Think Geek video for giant robot fists and thought it was an awesome name for a song, so I looked it up. "Song for Showering" really got me. Favorite track: Song For Showering.
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Vasilisa These songs actually DO help in everyday life. Favorite track: Song For Doing Your Job.
stewart black
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stewart black The most complete of all the WT albums, a great concept beautifully executed. Favorite track: Song For Going Home.
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    These 12 songs are about practical everyday rituals, from the first moments of waking to the last moments of drifting off to sleep. The songs are designed to draw your awareness to the present moment so that you might take note of its many particulars, and appreciate what is most important.
    I hope you remember these songs, and that they will help you orient yourself in real time. I hope you can whistle them, or whisper them, or hum them to yourself. I hope they will help you be mindful of the small miracles you encounter everyday as you go about your business.
    The digital download includes a 15 page PDF file with artwork, liner notes, lyrics, chords and even sheet music. Enjoy! :-)

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released October 3, 2011

Cover and design of liner notes by D. E. Healy.




The Wiggly Tendrils Berkeley, California

Songwriter and hands on dad. Completely obsessed with music and home recording.

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Track Name: Song For Waking
Now that we're awake
and the day is breaking into song,
let's kick our covers off
and get our morning on.
Give those eyes a rub,
then stretch, a little yawn.
Let's not forget to live the life we want.
Track Name: Song For Showering
Bless the bed so warm.
Curse the loud alarm.
Curse the crack of dawn.
Turn the water on.

Set the temperature.
Test it to be sure.
Strip down to your skin.
Put your body in.

Scrub your face and ears and neck.
Scrub your shoulders and your chest.
Scrub your arms and legs and mind you
Scrub your front and your behind you.

Scrub your hands and scrub your feet.
Scrub your back if you can reach.
Scrub on top and underneath
And maybe shave or brush your teeth.

Put it in your hands.
Put it on your head
Scrunch it all around.
Rinse it out again.

Turn the water off.
Bless the towel so soft.
Bless your body, bare.
Dress and brush your hair.
Track Name: Song For The Morning Commute
Oh, morning show DJs,
Oh, orange barrel delays,
Oh, break lights, oh stop signs, oh sidewalks, oh bus lines, oh subways
Oh, hustle and bustle,
Oh, human race,

Everybody's got somewhere to go,
Everybody's got somewhere to be,
Everybody's in the city's heart,
Everybody's in her arteries,
Everybody's in a rush,
Everybody's in a hurry, don't worry

Some day you'll get there this morning

Oh Bishop Ford, oh, Kennedy
Oh Stevenson, Oh, Kingery
Oh, Eisenhower, Oh Tristate,
Oh, Dan Ryan, Jane Addams, Oh Skyway
Oh Reagan, Oh, Edens, Oh, LSD.
Track Name: Song For Doing Your Job
Do your job!
Get your job done!
Time to roll up your sleeves,
plan it out, cross it off, make it fun.

Do your job!
Take your best shot!
Don't let it push you around,
show that job what you got!

Do your job!
Pull your own weight!
You need food, and a roof,
and some shoes so go out and get paid!

Do your job!
Use your job skills!
Use your head, use your hands!
Find some jerks, got get up in their grills!

Do your job!
Do your job hard!
Rough it up, knock it out,
and when people ask, give 'em your card!

Do your job!
Get it done right!
Take pride in your work!
Make your mark, then go home for the night!
Track Name: Song For Lunch Breaks
Cashews are not lunch.
Chocolate bars are not lunch.
Popcorn is not lunch.
Coffee, that's not lunch.

Real people need a real lunch.

Turkey now that's lunch.
Salad, yeah that's lunch.
Chocolate, that's not lunch.
PB&J, now that's lunch.

Real people need a real lunch.
Track Name: Song For Going Home
No need to rush for the bus. No need to rubberneck the truck in front of us. Just settle in. Enjoy the ride. And before you know it you will have arrived.

Don't get uptight. Don't start a fight. Just waive at people on their motorbikes. Just settle in. We're going home. We're going home, we're going home, we're going home.

We're going home to the ones we love.

And every traffic jam is really just a pause, traffic jams are there because because because because

We're going home to the ones we love.
Track Name: Song For Grocery Shopping
Two cloth bags and a shopping list.
I ought ask my wife to add to it.
Feta cheese, turkey sausages, leafy greens, chick peas scallions, and granola for the one I love.

Farm fresh eggs, potatoes by the bag, pita bread, tomatoes in the can, and maybe red wine maybe none, tonight maybe white.
Track Name: Song For Before Dinner
May I remember to taste my food. May I remember to chew. May my napkin be fortuitously placed, may tonight our knives aim true. And though we are hungry, let us eat slowly, and notice each moment accrue. May my napkin be fortuitously placed, may tonight our knives aim true. And though we are tired, let us eat slowly, pay attention this is all that we have: this food, this room and the people within it. Let's remember and always give thanks.
Track Name: Song For After Dinner
When we sat down we were hungry and thirsty, and now we have eaten and drank our fill, so let's gather our plates and we'll wash them and dry them, and try not to break one as we put them away.
Track Name: Song For Calling Home
I'm calling Mom. I have nothing to tell her. We'll probably talk about the weather. I just had to call my Mom.

I'm calling Dad. I don't mention I love him. We just talk about nothing. I just had to call my Dad.

I could call my college friends, facebook acquaintances, but the first friends I ever had were...

my Mom and Dad. I don't mention I love them. We just talk about nothing. I'm just calling Mom and Dad. I'm just calling Mom and Dad.
Track Name: Song For When You Ought To Be Sleeping
Oh, let's go to sleep, for we're not doing anything. We're not remembering what we're reading this evening. Oh, the days are long and this night is so brief. We're at our best when we are rested, let's undress and go to sleep.
Track Name: Lullaby
Close your eyes, see the canvas of blackness which stretches before us as I turn down the light.

And with your mind draw a circle, a circle to hold all that's hurtful and set it aside.

Then throw a line from your heart to my heart, a tether as we part and drift off to sleep.