Caecilian Cotillions

by The Wiggly Tendrils

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Scientists have just discovered a new species of Caecilian --only the 200th ever described. Celebrate this milestone discovery with AmphibiaWeb's ( new song celebrating all things Caecilian!


herpetology's the calling for me
studying these creepy crawlies
the slinkers and the hop-arounds
and those who burrow underground

friday night, in the laboratory
making slides, recording data, or we
analyze what we accumulated
visualize what our data stated
all the while caecilian populations
underground in secret copulations
were they found, we'd be excited
...alas we're not invited to

caecilian cotillions
they're black tie, the ladies wear vermillion
caecilian cotillions
200 species, i wish there were a billion

they live their lives, subterraneous
i love their eyes, subcutaneous
aquatic kinds, and amphibious
that hip-less spine is so lascivious

caecilian cotillions
they're not snakes, nor are they reptilian
caecilian cotillions
they have no legs, they're the slinkiest amphibian
caecilian cotillions
they're not in spain, many are brazilian
caecilian cotillions
200 species, i wish there were a billion


released 09 April 2014




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